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Global Waste Solutions (GWS) is focused on providing state-of-the-art, green energy and utility management solutions to industrial, institutional, correctional, commercial and multi-family

markets throughout the world.

Our broad portfolio of green energy products and services deliver significant energy savings, water conservation, carbon footprint reduction and significant financial return opportunities. Some projects may qualify for performance contracting (little to no out of pocket expense to our clients) and all offer attractive Return on Investment (ROI).

We provide innovative products that we manufacture or source domestically  whenever possible.

The Nallyator™,

 The Smart Valve™ and The Eco-Clamp™,

 when packaged together, are a powerful combination for correctional, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family/student housing and municipal park/recreational utility bill and maintenance cost management initiatives.

Global Waste Solutions is committed to helping our customers save money through significant utility bill reduction and through savings on both capex and opex maintenance line items. 


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