Going green and saving money has never been easier.

“I was the Director of Operations at Boston Pizza and was introduced to the commercial Eco-Clamp™. These clamps were put on our gas lines and ensured a cleaner gas burn and deterioration of carbon build up on the pipes. We installed these at our corporate location and over 30 Boston Pizza's and we have saved anywhere from 10-20% and that's a fact. Keep in mind these are newer buildings compared to our original 8, so we might save more at the older locations. I've seen this product in action and our cooking flames became bluer and hotter. Any equipment that ran on gas operated better and hotter.”

 Tony Pereira, Operating Partner Fire Inspired Foods 


The Eco-Clamp™ System was installed at Magalas Farms in Waterford, Ontario in September.  Eugene Magalas is looking forward to the next generation and is ensuring to help our environment along with lowering fuel costs.

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Report by OnSpeX,  on lowering fuel cost and Carbon Monoxide