The Problem


For years, inmates have sought ways to cause property damage to correctional facilities. through the intentional flooding of toilets and waste lines. These flooding instances have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage

The Solution


The Nallyator is a maintenance free anti-blockage device that will catch the sock-bombs, jumpsuits, bed linens and other items that when flushed into your plumbing lines will otherwise cause you and your staff lost time and money, with the inmates accomplishing their goals of disruption, staff aggravation and time out of their cells

Low cost, NO maintenance first line of defense


The Nallyator is the best and most cost effective first line of defense, virtually eliminating the need for high cost/high maintenance industrial grinders/screen bars.  Provides accountability by identifying individual inmate causing /attempting to cause property damage.   Some sewer district authorities are fining correctional facilities for failing to prevent items from being flushed into the system

Some supplemental insurance carriers are providing discounts based on devices being installed

Competing products have proven to be less effective and/or cost prohibitive

More and more new facility builds and plumbing upgrade/retrofit project RFP’s now require a “trapping control device” with The Nallyator specifically named.  Endorsed by NAPHS (National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems) in “Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities”

Performance Contracting available


The Nallyator has also proven to be a water saving device as well.  When the inmate population realizes that the devices prevent them from intentionally flooding your facility, the resulting “behavior modification” brings flushes per inmate per day down dramatically…  AND when coupled with our Smart Valve flow management device can result in a 20% to 30% reduction in your facility-wide water bill! 

Please ask about our Nallyator/SMART VALVE Performance Contract and how we can significantly reduce your operating budget, allowing you to save thousands of dollars per month, with little to no risk or cost to you.